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Super Tuesday

Election Day is this Tuesday, March 3rd, and I can't wait to cast my vote for my preferred candidate for the Presidency, Senator Bernie Sanders. If the rest of Texas and the nation don't "Feel the Bern" as I do and another candidate is chosen, so be it. As long as the nominating process is fair and democratic, I am going to get behind the Democratic nominee wholeheartedly and work tirelessly for their election. I encourage you to do the same.

We can't sit on the sidelines and pout because our preferred candidate was not chosen as the Democratic nominee. We need to dust ourselves off, take a deep breath, and come together to fight for our Democratic party values and to get a real leader in the White House.  If your choice of President isn't the one chosen by the Democratic party, your second choice has to be whomever the Democratic party chooses for our nominee. We need to come together behind that candidate and work our tails off to get them elected this November!

Any Democratic candidate for President is better than another four years with Donald J. Trump. We can't afford four more years of reductions in environmental regulations or four more years of America's leadership position in the World being degraded. We must do everything in our power to beat Donald J. Trump in November! The future of Democracy and America as we know it is at risk!

This is also an excellent chance to remind everyone that the Presidency isn't the only elected office that matters. We also need to make sure we focus on down-ballot races and pay special attention to keeping the state seat won in the Texas State House by Representative John Turner and in the US Congress in CD 32 by Colin Allred.

Losing these two critical seats in our area would have a significant impact in Texas and Nationally, and we can't allow that to happen. The GOP is targeting these two races, and we need to fight even harder to maintain these seats than we did to win them. We need to make sure that we keep these Democrats in office while we win additional seats in Texas HD 108 and US CD 5.

Please come to an upcoming event and learn how you can get involved in supporting Democratic candidates that represent the Lake Highlands White Rock area. At the very least, make sure that you are a dues-paying member. If you have a question as to your membership status, you can contact our Membership Director - Judy Garett -

Sincerely, BH

Brian Hasenbauer  President, Lake Highlands White Rock Democrats

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