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July 2020 Meeting Recording - It's Go Time Democrats!

Wonderful meeting yesterday of the Lake Highlands White Rock Democrats to discuss election strategies, the changing demographics of the Democratic party, and how the Democratic party can win in 2020!

Thanks to everyone that showed up and provided comments, ideas, and suggestions. We can only Turn Texas Blue if we come together and pull in the same direction!

Here are a few links that were shared and discussed:


NEXT MEETING Join the Lake Highlands White Rock Democrats, the FEDDs, and East Dallas County Democrats on Saturday, August 15th for Candidate a Palooza 2020! We are expecting dozens of Democratic candidates to be in attendance, current elected officials, and to enjoy guest speakers, music, and more! (NOTE THE CHANGE IN DATE TO August 15, 2020) Click here to register:

This is a fun, low-key social event that is great for new members wanting to become more familiar with the club, long-time members wanting to see friendly faces, and non-members wanting to check out the club before joining. Lake Highlands White Rock Democrats Candidate a Palooza Brought to you by: * LHWR Democrats * East Dallas County Democrats * FEDDs

August 15, 2020 11 AM - 1 PM VIRTUAL - REGISTER HERE If you would like to make a special donation please do:

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