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Special Community Conversation with State Senator Royce West

This July we have a runoff for United States Senate between Texas State Senator Royce West and MJ Hegar. Regardless of which candidate you support, it's important that we get behind the eventual nominee and help them to beat Senator John Cornyn in November. Just think, if the Democrats had control of the US Senate earlier this year, we would have removed Donald Trump from office for his unlawful attempts to trade political favors for foreign aid with Ukraine! We need a strong Democratic ticket from top to bottom this November and let's make sure we choose the best Senate candidate to be at the top of the ticket, presumably with Vice President Joe Biden. On Wednesday, May 13th at 7:15 PM CDT we will be spending some time with State Senator Royce West to learn more about his vision for Texas and why he would be the best candidate to face Senator John Cornyn in November. I hope you join us. Please feel free to share this event with friends, family, and fellow Democrats. Click here or on the link below to get registered:

Early voting takes place on July 6 - 10th and Election Day is Tuesday, July 14th. If you want to vote by mail you can do so by requesting a mail-in ballot. Here is information on how to request a Vote By Mail ballot: Information: Application:


About this event

Join Senator Royce West on a Virtual Community Conversation across Texas by attending this virtual town hall hosted by the Lake Highlands White Rock Democrats, Dallas County East Democrats, and the Bucker Terrace HOA. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Senator West's experience, his vision for Texas, and ask questions. Wednesday, May 13, 2020 7:15pm Central You will receive a Zoom link via email after submitting your information. Click here or on the link below to get registered:

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