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Learn More About Your Dallas County Precinct Chairs

When: March 28th | 9:30 AM Coffee | 10:00 AM Meeting Learn More About Your Dallas County Precinct Chairs What is a Precinct Chair? Precinct Chairs are the backbone of the Dallas County Democratic Party. A Precinct Chair is the local representative of the Democratic Party and its candidates at the neighborhood, grass-roots level in each voting precinct. Each of Dallas County's 775 voting precincts can have its own Precinct Chair (though many have few or even no voters, and are covered by their neighbors). What does a Precinct Chair do? The primary job of a Precinct Chair is to increase the number of people voting Democratic in their precinct. Do Precinct Chairs really help win elections? Good ones can make an enormous difference. When you look at the election returns you can tell which precincts have active Chairs, by comparing them to ones next door with the same demographics but which just don't turn out as well. DISD Candidates This May 2020, we will be voting on DISD School Board Candidates and we have two new candidates.... come meet Nancy Rodriguez and Alex Enriquez and learn more about their plans for DISD.

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