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Four Things You Can Do While Sheltering in Place This April

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

The past few weeks have been a challenging time for all Americans. We are facing a worldwide pandemic of catastrophic proportions. Our local, state and Federal government leaders are scrambling to put together public healthcare plans to protect us from the effects of COVID-19. Also, our legislators are writing important legislation to pave the way for economic recovery and future growth.

You may be feeling a little disconnected from your friends, family, and fellow Democrats that share the same views and convictions about politics.  If you are feeling hopeless and that we are doomed to repeat 2016 and reelect Donald Trump, I encourage you to stay active, stay engaged, and do what you can today to make a difference.  Here are a few things you can do right now from the comfort of your home!  Click here or on the image below to watch the weekly Take Action Tuesday video

1. Learn About Voting Democratic Down the Ballot Project The Texas legislature in 2019 removed our right to cast a traditional straight ticket vote. For decades, many voters have used this option to vote for the candidates nominated by their party. So it's time to educate our voters on this change. We want to make sure voters "know before they go" to the polls this year that they need to vote for every Democrat on the ballot, deliberately, to support the entire ticket. This effort is so important because we need solid Democrats at every level in government. We all know that the new Democratic President we will elect in November 2020 (Yes We Can!) will need many other Democrats in office to support our objectives. Texas is a big deal this year. We have goals to flip the statehouse and win competitive congressional seats. We have outstanding people running. Maximizing our Democratic turnout and making sure we vote up and down the ballot is critical.  Join the cause! Here's how you can help from home right now:  Attend a  ZOOM meeting to learn more about the project. Each week we will have special guests. Register here

  • Thu, Apr 16, 6:30pm–7:00pm CDT

  • Thu, Apr 23, 6:30pm–7:00pm CDT

  • Thu, Apr 30, 6:30pm–7:00pm CDT

Help us amplify our message on social media by joining our Facebook community and inviting your friends to join. 2. Take Action on Plastics  I know that we are in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, but we have to insist that our representatives learn to walk and chew gum and address the issue of our nation's addiction to plastics and how they are impacting our environment. A bill has been introduced to address many of these issues directly.  This legislation includes: create a national beverage container refund program (will increase recycling and decrease litter in places like White Rock Lake), ban most single-use plastic bags, and INVEST in US recycling and composting infrastructure. We will need millions of jobs in the coming months. If we can invest in innovation and jobs in sustainable industries, we can get to a ZERO Carbon world. Now is the time to act, now is the time to push for a world free of plastics. Contact your FEDERAL Representatives and tell them you support the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act! 3. Celebrate Earth Day 2020 with LHWR Democrats 

Join us for our regular monthly meeting... virtually on Zoom!  REGISTER AT: (Case Sensitive)

Guest Speakers Include: Michael Cain - EarthDay & EarthX Films Dr. Bonnie Jacobs - SMU Sustainability Roger Knudson - FEDD Climate RAT

Earth Day 2020 10:00 AM Start * What Individuals Can Do * How Organizing Can Help Fight Climate Change * General Meeting following program

REGISTER AT: (Case Sensitive)

4. Write Your Councilman About CECAP The Dallas City Council is about to vote (scheduled for Wednesday, April 22nd) on the Dallas Comprehensive Environment & Climate Action Plan (CECAP).  CECAP will create a comprehensive roadmap that outlines the specific activities that the city can undertake to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve environmental quality in the city. It will build upon our understanding of the climate and other environmental challenges facing Dallas, existing efforts by the City and other stakeholders, information synthesized in the new City of Dallas greenhouse gas inventory, and with community input. The Plan will focus on activities that can achieve the greatest emission reductions and deliver the most benefits to communities most affected by climate change impacts Send your Councilman a message and let them know you encourage them to VOTE YES on CECAP. Here are the email addresses of the Councilpersons in our area. Here is a sample email you can send:  Dear _____,  Sending a word of encouragement to you and the Dallas City Council to vote YES to move forward with CECAP. It is so important for our city to join the group of C40 cities addressing the climate crisis. Incredible work has been done by the city over the last year to develop a plan that moves our city in the right direction. There will always be more that we can do, but the CECAP plan that has been generated is a critical first step in our commitment to a responsible approach to address the climate crisis.  Thank you for all that you do for our city and especially the leadership shown during the COVID pandemic. Best wishes to you and your family to be safe and stay healthy! Sincerely, YOUR NAME District 9: Paula Blackmon Deputy Mayor Pro Tem/District 10: B. Adam McGough​ District 13: Jennifer Staubach Gates Council District 14: David Blewett Stay safe, and let's use this time at home to get organized, get energized, and get ready to BEAT DONALD TRUMP in November! 

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