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Let's Get Virtual - DISD School Board Candidates Meet and Greet

Saturday, March 28th we had our first virtual meeting of the Lake Highlands/White Rock Democrats via Zoom. Originally, as a warm-up to our Precinct Chair meeting at CC Young, we had scheduled a short Meet and Greet with two of the candidates in the DISD School Board District 2 race that had previously expressed an interest to speak with our group.

However, when our in-person meeting was canceled due to COVID-19, we postponed the Precinct Chair meeting and extended our Meet and Greet with Nancy Rodriguez for DISD Trustee Alex Enriquez for DISD with Lori Kilpatrick moderating as a last-minute replacement for our original meeting agenda.

Please note that we invite all candidates to come to our meetings and introduce themselves at the start of our meetings. This was the original plan for Alex and Nancy. We have extended an offer to the incumbent Dustin Marshall for DISD to attend a future in-person meeting and take a couple of minutes to introduce himself to the group.

Look for information on our April 2020 meeting which will be also held via ZOOM conferencing. The topic will be focused on Climate Change, CECAP, and more!

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