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June 2020 e-newsletter Available

I wanted to send out a quick update in regards to the status of the printed club newsletters. Thank you to Joan Covici for her time spent on putting together the newsletter over the years and mailing it out to members that wanted a printed copy.

As part of the club's transition to a more digital infrastructure and as a way to save costs we will no longer be distributing the newsletter via US Mail. You can still visit the website every month and download a PDF version but we will no longer be mailing printed copied. The June 2020 newsletter will be the last newsletter distributed via US Mail. During our survey at the beginning of the year we found out that not many members wanted to receive a copy via US Mail and are fine receiving it via email or going to the website to download and read. Here is the latest edition. Enjoy!

6 JUNE 2020 Newsletter copy (1)
Download PDF • 1.60MB

Reminder - Monthly Meeting on Saturday, June 20th Click here to register

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