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January 2021 - The Nightmare is Almost Over

It's almost Inauguration time, and we can say "goodbye" and "good riddance" to Donald J. Trump. This president has done such an abysmal and negligent job that he has been impeached twice! He will certainly go down as our worst president ever and possibly the one to cause the most lasting damage. Damage to our international reputation and role as a world leader. Damage to our democracy. And damage to the moral fiber and soul of our country. It is time to start to come together and heal old wounds. We can do this now that we have a president-elect that doesn't see "good people on both sides" and can call directly call out injustice in our society. However, President Joe Biden isn't the answer to all of the problems that America faces. Just because we have a Democratic President, House and Senate doesn't mean our work is done! We have a lot of work ahead of us planning for municipal races and electing progressive and Democrat-leaning candidates. We have the Texas statehouse to make gains in 2022, and we have a Governor and Lt. Governor race to win! If you think 2021 is going to be quiet, think again. We need to start to unite, plan, and come together to accomplish our goal of Turning Texas Blue!

We need your help... please renew or join the club and attend one of our upcoming meetings.

We need you to join us in making Texas and our nation a better place for all of us today and our future generations. Brian Hasenbauer Lake Highlands White Rock Democrats President JANUARY MEMBER MEETING January 16, 2021 10 AM - Via Zoom * SWEARING IN OF 2021 CLUB OFFICERS * DISCUSSION OF 2021 CLUB GOALS AND DIRECTION * REVIEW CLUB MEMBER SURVEY TAKE THE SURVEY HERE: REGISTER FOR THE MEETING: CLICK HERE TO RENEW, JOIN OR PURCHASE A T-SHIRT!

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