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COVID-19 Lessons Learned and Planning for the Future

COVID-19 has exposed fundamental cracks in our economic system. The very same system that President Trump has called "the greatest economy to ever exist." BUT LIKE MOST THINGS HE SAYS, HE IS LYING AND HE IS DEAD WRONG:

* 27 million Americans are uninsured * 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck * 53% of Americans don't have 3 months of living expenses saved * 40% of Americans can't cover a $400 emergency * No Federal Paid Sick Time * Banks have prioritized BIG business over YOUR Business * No Federal Paid Time Off * Wages are decreasing for the working class while the rich get richer

If you are as angry as I am about some of the decisions being made that affect your livelihood and risk your health, you will want to register for the upcoming May 16th LHWR Democrats meeting where we will discuss where we are with the response to COVID-19 and where we need to be going to make our country stronger and to mitigate future pandemics and crisis. COVID-19 Lessons Learned and Planning for the Future Saturday, May 16th 10:00 AM Register at: Stay safe, and let's use this time at home to get organized, get energized, and get ready to BEAT DONALD TRUMP in November!

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