2021 Here We Come!

December 2020 Meeting The Lake Highlands White Rock Democrats Nominating Committee will be providing our list of 2021 Club Officers for consideration and voting*!

December 12th | 10:00 AM Membership Meeting Register here: https://bit.ly/lhwr2020 Recommendations of the Nominating Committee for 2021 Officers Voting by Current Members* Discussion and Analysis of 2020 Election - Zach Bullard - Dallas County Democratic Party | Coordinated Campaign - Texas State Representative John Turner - Judge Tina Clinton * you must be an active member to cast a vote for the 2021 club officers * Renew your membership: https://www.lhwrdemocrats.org/membership

Register here: https://bit.ly/lhwr2020

Contact admin@lhwrdemocrats.org if you aren't aware of your club membership status!

You can renew your membership by clicking here

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